Friday, 4 April 2008

B-days 4 all

We are smitten by Birthday fever here at that Eicher household. Its pretty hard not to when Andi and Sheba have their birthdays 2 days apart. Andi entering the world and taking his first lungfull of Bombay air 48 hours before Sheba does the same on the other side of the land in Rourkela on the 4th of April.

We are now done with all our birthdays in the immediate family till 2009.

The beauty of a birthday is it gives an annual peg on which to measure our lives. The number of times our spinning ball has circled the sun is secondary to a common measure that says - I have been alive for so long!

We need reasons to celebrate too. So much of our time just spins by without us noticing. The joy of each other cries out for ways of expression. B-days offer one way.

By preparing cards and flowers - cakes and the odd gift - we share our lives together. Somehow in our childhood Dad started shaping our birthday cakes into various beautiful models. The one that I remember most strongly was a 3 dimensional VW bug automobile - complete with silver foil bumpers! I think it was made with chocolate icing too!

Today we got up early - and wished and prayed with Sheba. This evening we have the dedication of the remodelled Jeevan Sahara Kendra - and know that we are in for a treat as brother John Forbes (whose B-day was last Sunday) will be sharing and singing.

Till then we have a few more hours of meeting people - so many of them broken and wasted by HIV. Our birthdays remind us of God's love and faithfulness to us.

Will we see the next? Who knows - but one thing is sure - we want to make sure that life really counts. And we also want to experience joy on the way. This day has been another opportunity for gladness.

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