Thursday, 17 April 2008


Score one for creative acronyms: CORINTH stands for the astounding Christian Organisations' Response In Networking To HIV/AIDS.

Being in a Corinthian city that greater Mumbai is, it makes sense, in a rather perverse way.

We met as CORINTH today. A small group of 15 odd souls - hosted at IM Cares - one of the founding groups that helped get CORINTH underway a decade or so ago. Besides ACT, Oasis, Sahaara and us at Jeevan Sahara, we also had two pastors from AoG churches to round off the meeting.

What struck me today was this: each person in the room - every single one of them - has done so much to make a difference around them. It is such a privilege to call these men and women as friends and colleagues. We have seen that each one of them have been faithful at what they were entrusted with. At the end of the day, what more can we ask? We have our warts and weaknesses, our hobby-horses and tangents - but at the end of the day, I am so proud to be part of these dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

How about you? Who are you working with? Are you building them up or tearing them down? The days we have to live are not many. Lets make the most of them. Time is short, life is full. Lets move along with people who really matter (warts included) and structure our days together.
On a very different note - the meeting was held in 'Elim' at Nana Chowk, the very house that I grew up in. IM Cares is renting it now, and OM used to be there. We moved there when I started class 1 at Cathedral School, and moved out when I finished boarding school at Woodstock. Just over the street is now what is India's largest appartment building - all 45 floors! And on my way to the meeting with James DCosta, we saw two huge towers that are almost finished - they are going to be 65 floors high. Right behind the compound another 2 huge towers are being built. Timothy Gaikwad tells me that they are going to be 65 floor monsters too!

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