Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Heart / Stroke

Mr. Treman was very sick when he came into our centre this morning. He couldn't use one arm. His pulse was hardly detectable. We thought it was the end. His mother was in tears - praying to God. Please help him - save my son she cried.

Sheba came over and checked him out. It looked like a heart attack and a stroke. We couldn't help him at our centre - people with HIV get strokes too. He needed an ICU. And fast.

We called up our parent hospital - Lok Hospital - and asked whether he could bring him over. Our staff member Daniel Kautikkar went over with the family. The cardiologist detectd an arterial blockage in the arm. Two days of the medication would cost Rs. 30,000/-. The hospital agreed to give all the other costs free - if the family could pay for the meds. They did. It was a question of his arm - being amputated - or his life ending. The meds and the prayers flowed.

This morning we got the miracle news. Mr. Treman is able to use his arm again. He is out of immediate danger. A big, big sigh of relief.

We feel so small so often. And yet God has and is using us. Another miracle. He loves Mr. Treman and his large and often complicated family very much. He loves you too.

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