Friday, 4 April 2008


We just dedicated our renovated centre - and took a huge step towards becoming an integrated counselling and testing centre (ICTC) this evening.

It was a small meeting - but we had a big God present. John Forbes shared words of encouragement and sang. He said that our testing centre will be a place where people will get good news and bad news. Good news for some who test negative. Bad news for others who are positive. Good news for both the negative and positives - that God loves them very, very much. He reminded us of his own time when he found out he got HIV - and how God had been so faithful to His word in John's life - and that Jesus is life himself - and yearns to give life to others. John has been blessed with a rebuilding of his immune system - from a low of only 64 CD4 cells in 2002 to having crossed the 300 barrier this year!
Later he cut the ribbon that opened the door into the renovated centre.

Earlier in the day our doctors - Sheba and Marise saw six new HIV positive folks. All from totally different settings - one mother and adolescent girl were brought by Bro. Zen who serves through a house-fellowship in Mulund - another sick lady and her child were brought by her neighbour - a woman who works as a cleaner at Lok Hospital - another man came because his wife had tested HIV positive earlier - another man was met at the government hospital by our JSK staff.

The walls are sky blue - and everything smells of paint. Monday will see us working in the re-newed centre - which was dedicated to the Lord this evening.
Jeevan Sahara will continue to focus on home-care for people with HIV in Thane - but the renovated centre offers us the opportunity to reach out to people earlier - and to link them into care at home sooner - as well as allowing us to partner with the government health facilities earlier.
The door is open.
We now need to see the right people come in - or put it another way - people with HIV or at risk of the disease who need life-change. We want to see this centre lead to deep and lasting healing in many.

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