Sunday, 20 April 2008

House church

Blood on Water - Painting by Stefan Eicher

We meet every Sunday morning at the home of Jolly and Suma Thomas for worship of Jesus and remembering Him through the breaking of bread.

Its a small group. Three core families. Three other singletons. We often feel like simpletons. But that's ok. We are called to consistency. Do not neglect meeting with your brothers...

In this small group, however, we also have the seeds of greatness (potential mainly - but also some already achieved). The small loving acts, done in love... A home that is prepared each week for us to meet. Music played with love. A small special time for the children to learn about God - offered by the teen-aged daughter of host family. A time when people share what God is teaching us. Plenty of time for worship. Breaking of bread and taking of the cup together each week. Remembering Jesus. Learning from His word.

We talked today about God's glory. The songs - the various testimonies that different ones shared - all fit together. The amazing fact of that the God of the universe - the creator of space / time and various known/unknown dimensions makes Himself visible... We have seen his glory - and are living to tell the tale. Oh that we will stop living so mundanely, in the light of all that was and is to come. God continues his plan of showing His greatness through very ordinary, weak and limited people. Our little group is exhibit no. 1.

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