Monday, 21 April 2008


This morning we were blessed to see about 40 of the children whose parents Jeevan Sahara Kendra have been working with (i.e. whose parents are HIV positive) attend the Vacation Bible School being run by Bro Emmanuel and Sister Naomi Nathan.

As with any endeavour, the starting had some hiccups. The bus which we hired didn't come (as reported by JSK staff) - did come but no staff in sight (as reported by bus owner). Anyway. No bus. Plan b - bring the kids by autorickshaw. Tomorrow will tell if the bus turns up. Rumour has it that the Thane autorickshaws are all going on strike.

Sheba found herself taking one of the sections - and giving the missionary story - this time on George Washington Carver.

But what a wonder to see so many dear children beautifully listening, participating, learning, being blessed. We are very grateful to Emmanuel and Naomi for their vision and action in putting this precious opportunity for so many of the kids to join in (including the Eicher two-some of course). Each investment in these lives pays big returns. In their lives. In the lives of their family and community.

Yesterday night a friend from Church - Ethel had supper with us. The conversation came to the issue of finding our faith. Ethel said it was at VBS. Sheba said hers was a VBS. My choice had come earlier - but it was a children's camp at Borivali where I first decided to be a missionary (ignored for many, many years afterward - but alive in the mind of God!).
We have three more days of this VBS ahead of it. Enoch and Asha have been told that they can wear a crown on the final day!

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