Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Providence at work

Its not often we thank God for a bounced cheque.

The Alfreds are doing that right now. Somehow the health insurance payment for the senior Alfreds was not accepted, and their insurance lapsed. The company demanded a whole raft of tests to reinstate Uncle and Aunty.

Dr. Stephen and family had already left for the UK when the results come back. The routine ultrasound of the abdomen showed something in Aunty's kidney. An MRI was ordered and showed a cyst. Immediate surgery was done. The kidney removed. The growth is malignant.

All this has happened at lightning speed. Auntie is still in the ICU. Dr. Stephen is due back in 3 days. The treating dr. here says that it seems the malignancy was only in the kidney. Auntie has lost a kidney, but it seems that with it went the cancer.

Had it not been for the bounced cheque - and the tests done - this would not have been discovered.

God works in mysterious ways.
Please continue to pray for Aunty Alfred's recovery. She is in her upper 70s and has served the Lord for many years.

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