Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Its been over a decade since I came back to Bharat from my many years of study in the US. One of the things I still remember is arriving at JFK airport and being told to stand in a queue for 'Aliens'.

It felt down-right wierd to be called something from outer space. Enoch has recently made a line of bunny rabbits in clay that have that alien flavour to them:

But then again - the apostle Peter writes to the Christians who were scattered by persecution all over the known world of that time - and addresses them as God's children - strangers and aliens in this world.

"What a mess this world is in, I wonder who began it? Don't ask me, I'm only visiting this planet" said Larry Norman many moons ago (he actually died recently).

The good news is that we have a home - here on good old earth - but one that will be marvellously different from what we see around us today. St. John writes about seeing a 'new Jerusalem' coming down from heaven - and sees all of God's people living in this new city - with God Himself to be our light and life.

I'm on the side of the aliens.


  1. Andi still believe that idea, its so funny man. I still believe in a new heaven and a new earth with this one replaced. Well we'll find out soon enough. I'll send you a message on facebook.

  2. And your stealing my alien mojo too : )