Friday, 4 April 2008


Jesus hung out with some pretty unsavoury characters in His day.

We are no different. Our own often unsavoury blend is still frequented by our Lord - and we also have the privilege of following His footsteps and meeting all kinds of people.

One of our positive friends runs a gambling den. They pay Rs. 40,000/- per month in bribes to the local police to keep running the show. If that is what they pay in bribes - you can imagine how much their turnover is. Needless to say, our friend is not very responsive to our home visits. His suffering wife has left him several times due to his neglect for her and the family - and his odd hours and sullen, selfish behaviour. He is still alive - but barely. His frequent illnesses keep bringing him closer to the edge.

Another friend runs an alcohol business, selling country brewed liquor. She says that God has been good to her and that she has prayed to Him and told him that she still has to sell the stuff to pay for her food and her son's education. Our staff have debated the issue with her a number of times - but though she is not happy with her work - she is not willing to take a step of faith and trust that God will provide for her and her son. The local church, which first referred her to us has tried to disciple her - but she has stopped going to this fellowship or any for that matter because of the business she continues to run.

A very sick woman has just heard that her house will be demolished. The vast majority of our friends live in shantytown areas - the land having been caputured and lived on for years. Every now and then the municipal goverment will allow the original owners to clear the land. So where do the poor go? And how can they get something legal?

We don't have any easy answers for each of our dear positive friends - and especially with the issue of illegality. But we have the Lord - who knew what it was - and is like - and is ever-ready to help us and show us the way forward.

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