Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Commoners and Kings

HIV brings you in touch with God's people from every level of society.

Around noon today a man and his wife stopped by at the Jeevan Sahara Kendra Care Centre for their anti-retroviral medications and a check-up. Mr and Mrs Dayanidhi (name changed) were clearly not fully healthy - their jagged faces told that - but they were grateful that their appetites were back. A sleek car waited outside. They own a string of pharmacies. The only reason they were darkening our door was because they were both HIV positive. And yet, over the months, we have been able to build a relationship with this dear couple.

While this couple was talking to us - a few meters away a man was lying in one of our beds at the care centre. He has TB and needs treatment. A week ago he came for help - and was asked to do some investigations and come on Monday for possible admission. He didn't come. Our staff met him in his home and talked with the family about doing something for him. They said that they did not have the money. Lata (JSK staff) prayed with the family. At that time, his mother came in and after some discussion with her, she gave a gift of money to get the tests done. Today they came for admission. He is sick and coughing. Three ladies were with him the whole day. The whole family are rag-pickers.

We are so privileged to be in a situation where we can serve both those with financial means and those who do not have assets. All God's children have holes in their hearts that need filling.

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