Monday, 7 April 2008

In-Patient Care

The paint is hardly dry - having successfully dedicated our (re)new(ed) JSK centre - we moved our work back into it today - with the strong smell of paint still upon us.

The new cabins are tiny - and will take adjusting to for our doctors and as we start the counselling and testing process we will have to develop new ways of using space cooperatively.

But one thing is sure - we continue to walk by faith - and not by sight. On the very first day back in business as a centre we have already admitted 2 patients.

Both men are in pathetic condition. We had wanted to admit one of them earlier - we will call him Mr. Nandi - as he had terrible pain in his leg which suggested a severe infection. After a lot or persuasion, our staff helped to admit him at the Municipal Hospital in town. Very sadly, he was there for almost 2 weeks - and nothing - literally nothing was done for him.

The main reason is that he has HIV.

The orthopaedic surgeon was called repeatedly, but clearly did not want to touch him. When he finally was 'discharged' he came to our centre - emaciated, in great pain - and with a huge amoung of pus in his knee. We were stunned to see that he was sent off without even a diagnosis written on his discharge card. We really do not have the capacity to do what is clearly a major orthopaedic procedure - but his mother is at her wits end and so at least for now - as I type this in at 9.45 PM - Sheba is over at the centre doing her night rounds with the patients. We will try what we can - and pray.

The other patient - lets call him Mr. Mark - was met while he was also admitted at the same government hospital - by Mr. Raju - one of our long term Positive Friends - who has himself moved away from Thane - but who comes every month for his medications. Mr. Raju saw that the mother of Mr. Mark was deeply distressed - and Raju told her that she should come to Jeevan Sahara. She came last week full of hope, and was so grateful to be talked to and to have people who cared for her. Today she brought her son. He is painfully thin, but has come in hope that something can be done.

Miracles - big and small - are very needed tonight.

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