Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Good Catholic boys?

Channel V is a competitor with MTV. Recently they had a short write up on one of their blog-sites (http://www.myindiareport.in/) on our friends Richard and company who play for a heavy metal band called Revelations - as well as Common Union. They were our headline band for last year's YAA Festival.

The writer was trying to get around this idea that Christians are playing heavy metal (you can take a look at his piece - and even sit in on a short jam by clicking here). At one point he says: - Don’t get any ideas - the band is made up entirely of good, decent Catholic boys, united by a common love for God and the glam band Stryper.

We will let the Stryper bit go by without comment. But the other aspect is classic. Christianity in Mumbai is synonymous with Catholicism. Good Catholic boys (as opposed to bad ones I suppose) are the "gospel" types (as they say in the North East about goody-two-shoes). Missing from the pic is the essential issue - there are no 'good decent folks' - just lousy lyin' n' cheatin' ones - and a smaller set who come to Jesus desperate for help. He is the only one who is good (why do you call me good? Only God is good he points out to a person - underlining His divinity).

Have you heard of Astravidh? You can check out another set of rockers who love God insanely and want to shake up society by clicking here. Incidentally (and not co-incidentally) Astravidh headlined our first Youth Against AIDS festival in 2006.

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