Thursday, 24 April 2008

The disappeared

10 million girl children are not growing up amongst us. 'Female Foeticide' is not some abstract idea. We see it in all sections of society - and especially among the rich. Punjab and Haryana - which head the league in average incomes in our beloved country - also have some of the highest rates of sex-selection abortions.

Stefan and his merry troupe of artists and activists have been working on this issue - seeking to see how God's people can be a voice and speak the Kingdom into society. Their current group show is called "Sanctity of Life" and has already drawn various responses (including a troupe of ladies from an arm of the UN who arrived already convinced that a group of fundamentalist artists had been at work). Stefan and his colleagues listened to them and tried to gently engage them in a conversation on affirming and building the rights of all - the unborn, the born, women and men...

As part of the larger dialogue Swami Agnivesh will be giving at talk at the Reflection Art Gallery and Studios on the 25th of April from 6-9 PM.

We need to talk. 10 million silences surround us.

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