Monday, 21 April 2008

Food prices

Its a fact. After years of relatively cheap food, things are suddenly kicking in - not only in our beloved India - but all around the world.

The causes: Hazy at present. It may be the cost of oil. It may be increasing demands for food production to other non-edible (but lucrative options). Whatever it may be, the issue of real hunger is once again making its way in our midst. And it doesn't look likely to vanish soon.

At Jeevan Sahara we have been doing a small programme called: A hand-full of rice. The idea is that as we cook our regular meals, we will put aside a handful of rice or atta (whole wheat flour) every meal - and pray for a family who has HIV and need nutritional support. At the end of the month we bring our bags of food and give them to those who need - and whom we have been praying for.

We were thrilled to know that one of our partner churches from Mumbai - Cornerstone Assemblies of God in Kurla - is doing a similar thing. Pastor Stanley John shared at a recent meeting for churches that they are doing a programme called "Food for All." On the Sunday that they have holy communion, they encourage people to bring food as well. They were challenged by the need to help one family in need. Pastor was thrilled to find that so much was given that they are now helping several families!

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