Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A joining of lives

Tomorrow we leave at an ungodly hour - to take part in a God-drenched event: the wedding of Jeremey Richards with Mary Jacob. Jeremary - as uncle Geoff has already called the couple - have been brought together across the seven seas. Though Father God knew them and was preparing them for this great day - they did not know of each other until they found themselves serving on the OM ship Logos II.

Mary is from Tamil Nadu. Jeremy is from the world. His passport says Australian, but he has lived in Kenya, Cyprus, India and various other points. Both are open to where God wants them next - but know that God wants them to be living out their lives together now.

The wedding is in Pune - where Mary has been serving with the Good Shepherd ministries for many years. We as a family are planning to go - to celebrate with the new couple and various family members. From Australia Uncle Geoff - his brother and sister - and Jeremy's sister Fiona and her new baby Tabitha. From Mumbai and Pune - many others. More than the ceremony - where I get to be best man and Asha flower girl - and all of us witnesses and pray-ers - more than the solemn and joyous vows - we look forward to growing as a family with Jeremary!

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