Sunday, 20 April 2008

Tea time - after a dressing done

Sundays are a day of rest. Mostly.

For a person with a huge wound - and having HIV - and no hospital willing to take him for the long period of healing needed - a daily dressing is vital.

Sheba went this morning along with our nurse Sandhya for a Sunday morning dressing of Mr. Nandi's leg. The wound is still huge. He really needs a sterile place and a skin graft. Both are almost impossible dreams. He lives in a rented room in a slum. He is HIV positive. Whether the skin graft will be accepted by his leg is almost moot - since which doctor and hospital will take him on for this...

After Sheba and Sandhya and cleaned and dressed the wound it was time for tea. Mr. Nandi's mother had been brewing it while the cleaning took place. She explained that she had to have a cup every morning. And it had to be made her own special way. The tea has to be from of the Hasmukh brand. She boils it down till there is almost no liquid left, then she adds the milk and a bit of sugar. She served Sheba and Sandhya the tea with a saucer to drink it out of. It was good. More so because of the love given. How precious each of our dear friends are. How quirky their lives can be. In the midst of great suffering we also small pictures of their God-reflecting humanity too.

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