Saturday, 30 January 2010

Pretty in Pink

The Saturday evening youth meeting was over. The wadas that Sheba had made had been eaten gratefully by all and sundry (the large crowd of 5 of us in the meeting that is - as well as Asha and Enoch the 2 servers). Our young people had gone home. It was time for a family supper together.

Then Asha came up with the idea: "lets all dress up in one colour." When asked which colour - prompt came her answer: "Pink!"

And so it was that at the end of Jan 2010 the Thane Eichers dressed monochromatically for their evening repast.

A jolly time was had by all.

My apologies to all gents from the Southern parts of our land for the sadly tied bedsheet - oops I mean lungi. The paper napkin bowtie also did not quite make the grade - but its the thought that counts.Its a great life. We are so thankful to God for each other - and for the on-going joys of living and loving as a family.

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  1. U all look gr8.hats off to Sheba , she has the energy to be a host , and further to b funky with kids too.... lots of energy gr8...