Sunday, 24 January 2010

Never a dull moment

Take a good look at the picture below:

Do you see anything unusual?

We were near the 'new park' yesterday - Sheba was teaching at the training for CANA - and I had taken Asha and Enoch to the park for a quick outing - when something fell down from a bush. I looked more closely and saw something green and motionless - a tree snake!

The beautiful creature just did not move. It knew that its colour and shape did a good job at camouflage - and without have seen the previous motion we never would have noticed this beauty.

To add to the joy of our outing, Enoch lost one of his teeth. He is pretty good at doing this at his age.

The current one came out while we were having a late breakfast out in the open.

And this is where that beauty came from:

Remarkable - how the next gen of teeth are making their appearance in Enoch's mouth. And to think that the ones he is now growing are going to service him for his entire life.

So did we go to the park for snakes and teeth? No - we did go because it was a Saturday morning and though we have a 7 day training going on - we had the luxury of being able to sneak off for a little bit for a late breakfast for the kids - and some fresh and fun for their dad.

What can be better than helping your children learn how to climb trees? Even if they are small chickoo trees - life is very very good. We thank God everyday for His goodness to us.

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