Wednesday, 20 January 2010

3 generations

One one side of the table - 3 generations of Eicher women.

On the other side - 3 generations of Eicher men.

In the middle - 3 delicious pizzas.

The occasion?

As with most of the events last week - it was linked up with Asha's birthday. This being the lunch on the actual day - Jan 16th.

The result?

The pizzas didn't stand a chance.

Over an hour of wonderful conversation, feasting and enjoying each other. Every part of those 3 monster pizzas was devoured (the largest portion by yours truly) and we all felt that we needed to be wheeled away at the end.

Hooray for Grandparents! We are so grateful that they could be with us for this past week.

Two more glimpses into a week of heaven for us:

Oma with Asha for some 'special time' at a coffee shop. Oma enjoyed listening to Asha and having a deep conversation with her over Black Forest cake (where Oma's Mummy came from) and creamy coffee.

Opa reading to Enoch in the kids bedroom. Enoch is devouring stories on his own - but still loves to be read to if at all possible.

We dearly wish Oma and Opa could stay with us the whole time - and maybe there will come a day. In the mean time we are so grateful to them for travelling halfway across the country to be with us. Very deeply appreciated.

It is a rare - but sweet - thing for our 3 generations to be together.

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  1. Dear family so wonderful to see this wonderful reunion . God bless you all , Andi, your parents are very precious to us and we praise God for them and all of you