Friday, 21 October 2016

A sparkling memory - a shared joy in a time of division

In the quest of truth and beauty, my dear brother Stefan has transplanted himself and his amazing wife Neeru and their three children Ashish, Anjali and Anita to the US for two years as he pursues a Masters of Fine Arts.

Stefan and family have been pretty busy - and here is one of their projects - an ambitious public art project called '38th and Shine.'  In this project, they tirelessly worked to bring together 4 quite dissimilar neighbourhoods together to a mass lighting of sparklers.   A beautiful moment was created.

A short film has been made on this.  It has just been released on the '38th and Shine' facebook page, and you can see it here.   In the mean time, here is an early version of the film which is worth seeing in itself....