Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Update on Mum’s Recovery – Wednesday 9.3.2022


Night has fallen, and the lights of Dehra Dun can be seen glistening like diamonds on black velvet from the windows of Shanti Kunj.   Mum has had her supper and taken her medicines and has drifted to sleep in her room.   We are just about to make a big shift in Mum’s life, as this will be the last night that she sleeps in her beloved Shanti Kunj home for some time.  By this time tomorrow evening we will be driving to Delhi and then catching a 5 AM flight to Vishakapatnam (God willing of course).

Things can change very, very quickly.  We know that, but have seen another instance today.  For the past 3 days, the wonderful Dr. Raja has been paying Mum morning visits.  Raja is a psychiatrist with a very, very big heart.  His cheerful yet deep way has helped Mum so much.   This morning we got a whatsapp message from him saying that his father had suddenly been admitted to an ICU and that Raja was already travelling on his way South to be with him.  

Sheba and I know what it is like to rush across the country, with our parent in an ICU and facing an uncertain future.  Please pray for Raja as he is with his father in Tamil Nadu, and for his wife Jessica and their children here in Mussoorie.

It’s a new world for all of us.  One chapter of our lives are closing, and a new one is opening up.  We so appreciate your thoughts and prayers for us as we make this journey and learn to adjust to a new life.  Do lift up our dear foster brother Vickey who has so faithfully been caring for Mum for these 5 years since Dad’s passing away, as he too steps into a new chapter of his life.  We are hoping that Mum will be able to return to Mussoorie in June, but have to take one day at a time.  Pray for Sheba and myself as we learn to care for Mum in Odisha.  We are all being stretched – and that is a good thing.  But we need much wisdom, buckets of patience, dollops of good humour, and an overflow of the love divine.

In the meantime, here is a picture we took of Mum today.  When we think that just 10 days ago she was on the very brink of death, we are just so thankful.

Each day is a gift.  Let us love not in words and in speech, but in actions and in truth (1 John 3.18).  So much to learn.  Onwards!

- Andi and Sheba (for Eichers everywhere)

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