Sunday, 6 March 2022

Update on Mum’s Recovery – Sunday 6.3.2022

Dear Ones,

A short dispatch to tell you that we are experiencing God’s grace and love.  Mum still has challenges to sleep through the night, so we solicit your prayers for rest (and for us too!).  The physiotherapy is moving forward, sloooowly.  Mum can now sit propped in a chair for some period of time – without head support for about 30 mins.   She has begun short periods of balance while sitting without support.  But her back needs much strengthening.   She sort of dreads the Bipin our Physiotherapist – but works very hard to try and do the exercises he gives her.  And then she asks ‘it is time for him to go?’   Bipin is very glad for her eagerness to do the exercises.  But we can see the strain for her.  

Currently a core prayer issue is her right arm.  Mum has virtually no movement at the shoulder, wrist and finger level.  A little movement at the elbow joint.  Please pray that her brain with ‘recognise’ her right arm again and help her start getting strength in it again and begin to move it – rather than have it hanging limply like now.

Overall, it’s been a quiet day for which we are grateful.  “All good things around us are sent from heaven above, so thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord, for all His love!”

Blessings from Andi and Sheba (on behalf of the extended family)

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