Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Update on Mum’s Recovery – Tuesday 8.3.2022

Dear Ones,

A quick despatch to say thank you for your prayers: Mum slept well last night for which we are so grateful.  Overall it was a quiet day for us.  We are slowly getting things organised for the trip to Odisha. 

The small trickle of precious people who come to visit Mum continues – and we started the day with a home visit by her dear psychiatrist Dr. Raja who brought in his huge smile and his warm wisdom.

Yesterday Mum heard that a young man that she had been praying for had died.  She was earnestly praying with the young man’s mother (the family are dear friends of ours) for healing from the cancer, and did not know that his condition had worsened.  We can see how much Mum is grieving for him – and for his dear parents and siblings.   Needless to say, Mum was tired most of the day and napped a number of times.  We continue to see some small progress with her physio-therapy/rehab, but it is hard for Mum as she still cannot walk, and cannot yet sit up on her own or get out of bed (which she yearns to do).   And so to sleep for another night.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Blessings from Andi and Sheba (on behalf of the scattered Eicher clan)

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