Friday, 25 March 2022

Update on Mum’s Recovery – Friday 25.3.2022 (9 months till Christmas)

Dear Friends,

The days are bleeding into each other now.  Which is good.  We don’t have that terrible hour-on-hour uncertainty about what will happen anymore.   Thank God.   Mum’s days are now days of building her up.

Mum has achieved some new milestones.  She is able to eat on her own using her left hand and a spoon.  Her right arm and hand are slooowly beginning to function again.  With a lot of effort, she can manoeuvre her right hand to get a grape into her mouth – but it is still a huge task for her.  She can sit up at the edge of her bed, and lie down from a seating position.  Sheba has been working on getting Mum to stand up using a walker – and by God’s grace Mum has now started walking a bit.  The journeys are very short – from her bed to the dining room table – but we are so glad for this big step (literally) that she is taking.

When our dear friends Tej and Vanaja had lunch with us on Wednesday – Mum was out at the table which is a joy.

And of course she loves Sheba’s wadas

Mum’s days are at this point full of…. well, full of simple things.

Eating.  Sleeping.  Listening to the Bible.  Meeting people.  More eating.  Toilet.  Physiotherapy exercises.  Phone calls.  More sleeping.  Coffee.  Medicines.  Meeting visitors.  Praying.  Talking.  Resting.   Repeat – and shuffle.

It is a very different life from what Mum has been living for the past 5 years – one where she was very independent and able to do everything on her own.  She currently has been in our home for the past 2 weeks – and has been in only 3 rooms (including the bathroom).

Today much of her life is dependent on others.  It is never easy for anyone to have such a large change take place – especially for someone who has lived life as fully as Mum has in her beloved Shanti Kunj in Mussoorie.   A person who is fiercely independent and loves going on her 1 hour walk along the Mussoorie mountainside every day. As you can imagine, life here it is not always “happy, happy.” 

The pictures that we have included show her in an upbeat mood – but there are other times too.  Yesterday Mum was quite tired.  We found out that she has a UTI and have started her on some meds.  She found her physio-exercises hard and left her very tired.  She slept a lot during the second part of yesterday and during today too.

But overall we have seen so much to be thankful for. In all of this God’s word keeps helping.  Mum has been listening over and over to the Gospel on John in Hindi.  Over the last few days she has started listening to the German audio bible too from her mobile. 

Mum repeatedly tells visitors how grateful she is to be here and for the care that she is getting.  And that she is glad to be alive.  She has told a number of people that she is also very ready to meet Jesus – and that she must still have work to do since she is still here.

And so we start each day anew.   Sheba and I are slooowly getting ready to get back to work again.  We still have some areas where we need help and appreciate your prayers in this. 

If you would like to call Mum you can do so at +91 6371338132 or by Whatsapp at +91 9557267515.  

Thanks to everyone who has continued to pray for Mum – and for all who have come here to visit.

-        Andi and Sheba (for Eichers everywhere)

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