Saturday, 5 March 2022

Update on Mum’s Recovery – Friday 5.3.2022

Dear Friends,

You many have noticed a small but significant change in the title of this daily prayer guide for our mother – Christa Eicher.   We have replaced the word ‘health’ with ‘recovery.’  Each day is a miracle, for each of us.  Who knows if you or I will wake up tomorrow?  But we have very thankfully moved away from the terrible days just over a week ago when we just did not know whether Mum would pull through.   We are now in another season of grace where we are hoping Mum will regain the use of her limbs and be able to stand and sit on her own again… and of course walk!

Today was a brilliantly clear crisp winter day in Mussoorie.  The sun streamed in the windows and the azure hills melted into the deep blue sky.  Mum did not sleep much last night – but was in good spirits all through today.  We thank the Lord for His deep love for us, and for these days of grace.

Having completed a day here we are so glad that Mum can be ‘in her home.’   It is truly beautiful and crammed in every corner with some plant, some photo or picture of years gone by, some antique or book just calling out to be read.  

But one thing is crystal clear.  Mum cannot just ‘get back to normal.’  She is lying in her bed, in her room, but cannot turn over in her own strength.  She needs care 24x7 for the foreseeable future.   She told us last night ‘I want to go up to the prayer room’ – but without someone carrying her up the stairs, that is not possible for her.   Our dear neighbour Sandy came over today to help Sheba give Mum a bath.  A major undertaking.  

Having said this, it also doesn’t mean that Mum ‘will always be this way.’  We are so glad for the daily physiotherapy sessions that Mum is getting.  She sort of dreads Pritam’s arrival, because of the exertion that she knows is in store when her physiotherapist arrives.  But that exertion is the result of her earnest hard work.  She tries so hard and with such eagerness.  We just wished that we could push a button and suddenly Mum would be doing her normal 1 hour walks each day up and down the steep Mussoorie hillsides.  Instead, she is in bed, working hard to raise and lower her legs, straining to open and shut her right hand…  Today at one point she jokingly tried to bring her hands together in a “namaste” – to end the rigours of the session by saying goodbye to Pritam!  There is much hope, but the road ahead is a strenuous one for her.  Thanks for your prayers – and will you especially pray for her right arm and hand.  She is really struggling as she is unable to use the arm at all at this point, let alone the hand…

In late afternoon Sheba and I were able to go out for a walk.  We found ourselves walking along the spectacular ‘eye-brow’ path – and spent some time praying for the next steps:  Mum’s recovery, our plan to have her with us in Odisha for a few months, our work at Asha Kiran, our children and extended family, our house construction, our fellowship…  We are weak, but He is strong, and wants us to follow Him.  What a wonderful Saviour we serve.  How much He loves us.

Please pray for Mum’s on-going healing and restoration.  We are currently planning to get an early-morning flight from Delhi to Vishakapatnam on the 11th of March.  There is much to do between now and then, but we are grateful for the path that is opening up for us.   At present we hope that care for her for a few months and then come back to Mussoorie with her in summer.  

As we said, each day is a miracle.  We end off the week very, very grateful.  Tomorrow is the Lord’s day.  All glory to Him as we celebrate His resurrection – and His amazing victory over sin and bondage by the Man of Sorrows, who is well acquainted with grief – and by whose wounds we are healed.  

- Andi and Sheba Eicher (for our big family everywhere)

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