Saturday, 19 March 2022

Update on Mum’s Recovery – Saturday 19.3.2022

Dear Ones, 

For the last 4 days we have had a team from the Anugrah project of Herbertpur Christian Hospital visiting us (  It has been wonderful to see the 2 Physiotherapists and the senior Occupational Therapist at work – assessing the condition of 25 children who are living with disabilities (primarily Cerebral Palsy).   The team met with the children and their families on 2 days here at the Asha Kiran Hospital and each day also did village visits with our Caring Communities staff.  We also had a 1 day seminar for church leaders on God’s love for people with disabilities.

Sheba was able to participate in this special visit because we had our dear friends Hannah and Jamuna come for 2 days to look after Mum during the day.  What a blessing God’s people are!

One of the themes that came out of the whole experience with the Anugrah team was just how much God loves each one of us – regardless of the challenges we may be facing – or what society thinks.  We are precious because God’s signature is on us.  And how much love He has for us.   Jubin – the spritely leader of the visiting group – made a comment at one point:  we are all going to be disabled… because we will all age. 

How true.  Mum has repeatedly marvelled at how Sheba and I are now looking after her – when half a century ago, I was being lifted in Mum’s arms, and Sheba was being cared by Amma.  How the tables turn.  And what a privilege it is to care.

And so we come to the progress Mum is making.  

We are so glad so share a number of milestones achieved by your prayers.  Mum is now able to eat on her own, using her left hand and a spoon.  She drinks normally (we ditched the straw 2 days ago) and is able to sit up for extended periods of time.   In the last 2 days we have stopped dragging her around in a chair… she now ‘walks’ with support from us for short distances.   We have started having her sit at the dining room table for lunch with us. Amazing grace!

We are also glad to report that her right arm is gaining strength and a bit of control.  Just over a week ago, when Pritam our wonderful physio-therapist was doing his last set of exercises with Mum, he asked her to lift up her whole right arm using her shoulder joint.  She could not.  He lifted her it up for her and asked her to hold it in place.  It kept flopping down.   But now Mum can hold her right arm straight and move it right up and hold it.  It is amazing to see the difference.  Her right hand has gained some control as well.  

But there is still some way to go.  Please do continue to pray for fine greater strength in her right arm and for fine motor control in her right hand.

Mum has also been doing some processing of her emotions.  She has been teary at times for various reasons, and has brought up things from her childhood (in German) and put them into the Lord’s hands.  She is slowly piecing together her experience and is curious about the time that she does not remember.  How grateful we are for the luxury of being able to ‘remember’ those fraught times (which were bathed in your prayers!).

Mum also enjoys a stream of visitors here.  The darling mother of the family below – who speaks only Malayalam – has come twice and prayed and sung with Mum in the heavenly language.  A young boy came this afternoon – she had taught him a bit of German the last time she was here – and he was so happy to tell Mum all about his new baby brother.   Our Caring Community team members had a practical lesson on Physiotherapy this morning with Sheba showing them the exercises we help Mum do, and the flexing and helping of her body to achieve these goals.  And of course many prayers – with almost every visitor interceding for her.

Next steps?  Well.  We would like her to be strong enough to get up on her own – and be able to walk.   We hope that this week will see some steps (literally) along this line.  It will of course help with her toileting and other self-care needs.   But we don’t want to push things too fast.  This is a time of rest and recuperation and rehabilitation.  Your earnest prayers are continued to be cherished.   


- Andi and Sheba (for the far-flung Eichers)

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