Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Trumpet pictures

Just look at the little fellow. Who says this world has lost hope when babies as beautiful as this are still arriving!

Welcome, little Shofar Evangel Ramesh!

You have just emerged into the bright lights of this wonderful world. We will be celebrating the 16th of June from now on - and each year you will understand more of what we are celebrating about.

In the mean-time - enjoy! Your Mummy and Daddy are looking after your every needs. Every little cry and wimper from you is so precious to them - they are at your beck and call. Feeding you. Cleaning you. Carrying you. Putting you to sleep. Talking to you. Singing to you. Staying up late. Getting up early. Swerving everything else around a little pretty maelstorm called Shofar!

And then you have your wonderful sister Frankie! She is so delighted to have a brother - and what a beautiful brother at that too! Here you are - all 3.5 kgs of you being held in the arms of your sister. How strange and wonderful for her to be holding you - a life - a boy with purpose. Yesterday she used to play with dolls. But you are so different. It might take a little while for Frankie to get used to you Shofar - but you are going to have a lot of fun with such a great older sister!

Shofar, your Thatha and Ammamma are trying to come to see you as soon as possible. For some reason - the people at your consulate in Hyderabad are taking their sweet time to give your grand-parents an interview. Maybe if you cry loud enough the consulate uncles will give the visas sooner? Should we make a youtube video and send the US consulate a link?

In the mean time all your cousins on the other side of the world (that's the junior Eichers and Joanna and Anmol!) have been ooohing and aaaahing at your photos. We have prayed for months and months - and now you are hear. How lovely to see our prayers answered in who you are!

Your Mummy and Daddy have chosen a very unique set of names for you. You can be sure of this. There is no one else in the whole world. In the 6.5 billion people who live on this beautiful blue ball - with a name like Shofar Evangel Ramesh. Your uncle Andreas Daud Eicher (whose name is pretty unique too) will guarantee that. Just like there is no one called Frankincense Graceola Ramesh! Hooray our little trumpet for having such creative parents - who have marked you apart from birth with your unique moniker!

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