Thursday, 10 June 2010

The promise

Hurricane Phet went 'phut' for most of India. It seems to have wandered off towards Oman. But some scraps of clouds finally came scudding our way making for some pretty dramatic lighting (and a bit of lightning too).

We were blessed with rain - cooling rain falling on our steaming city. And since the clouds rolled in just as the sun was going down - we were treated to a most beautiful rainbow.

The picture doesn't justice to the beauty of what I saw (though you can click on it to see a larger panoramic version). Through the blessed greyness of the final clouds a full rainbow spanned our sky - with an outer rainbow faintly mirroring it.

A long time ago, after a terrible destructive flood God made a covenant not to destroy humankind through such a flood.

Standing on the rooftop and looking out over urban Thane - with its mushrooming high-rises - and seeing that beautiful arc reminded me of the power and love of our Maker.

A God of faithfulness, without injustice, good and upright is He...

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