Friday, 18 June 2010

Something to bite into

Everyone loves cakes.

One could argue this - but one of the greatest contributions to world cuisine for which we have to thank the Americans for is the cupcake.

Small. Moist. Sugary sweet. Tart. Decked up in powder blue with sprinkles on top. Always room for at least one more.

American cup-cakes are in Mumbai. Thanks to the good folks at TH Bakes. For those of us living in Mumbai-land cupcakes and other lip-smacking fare is just a phone call away.

And it is all for a cause. More than that. It is for real changes in real people.

Our good friends Bennett and Bernie David are changing lives in Navi Mumbai through an amazing work called Tender Hands. Tender Hands works with children in distress and provides a residential home for them to make a change in their lives. Among the precious children that Bennett and Bernie and the team are pouring themselves into are kids from families that we have ministered to throgh Jeevan Sahara.

There is just so much that can be done.

Kudos to the team at TH Bakes for developing high-quality products. Their bakes are tasty treats - and are also good for the heart - the 'real' heart of course.

How about you - do you have an idea that can make a change? Are you still sitting on it and not moving forward? Now is the time.

Lets get off our seats and get moving!

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