Sunday, 20 June 2010

Budding cooks

A sample of tasty treats made by Asha and Enoch with help from aunty Ethel who had come over for lunch after church today.

While they look delicious - these ones are not yet edible - being made of modelling clay. Asha is starting to learn the amazing arts of cooking (she has an excellent teacher in Sheba) and we were treated to Asha making and serving dosas for us yesterday. The dough ('mau') and coconut chutney was made by Sheba beforehand. Asha then spread the dough thinly on the pan and flipped the dosas (under the supervision of Sheba) and served them hot to us at the table.

We live and learn! Hooray for the budding cooks!

We look foward to many tasty treats in the years ahead.

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