Thursday, 10 June 2010


One of our positive friends who is being helped by a local church has been calling and asking for money.

What to do?

The needs are real. She is a widow with two small children.

Things are expensive. Cash is never enough.

But there are also important areas of her life that still need to develop.

The church has been helping her financially for 2 years now.

There is still so much brokeness in her life, so much hardness in her attitudes and in the decisions she makes.

We wish there were some kind of secret button to press to make all things turn out right.

Instead we have the long road of relationship.

She brings brokeness. Her distrust. Her dreams. Her confusion and anger.

The church members who are trying to help bring their our own brokeness. Their own struggles. The fragmentary challenges of communicating.

No easy answers. But choices have to be made. Steps must be taken together.

Perhaps some retracing of steps taken already.

Oh Lord. Help.

We trust that He will. And use his faulty-but-being-moulded children to do so.

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