Sunday, 1 March 2009


Day 4 of my fever.

Slight. Shows up especially in the evenings. 99 to 100 F. A bit of body ache.

Probably related to some very rotten teeth. Procrastination takes on reality when it comes to postponing the trip to the dentist.

I am reminded of an English class in High School. We were taught by the amazing Kathy Hoffman, who is finishing off a long career at Woodstock School this year. The class was one of the English electives - it looked at the European writing. The book was Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon. It opens with the protagonist suffering from an agonising toothache - and a splitting headache because the tooth was linked to the optical nerve.
This excerpt from later in the novel - but still packs the punch.

My own headaches are slight - but the image is so powerful it has remained in my mind a good 23 odd years after we went through the book. Great literature sticks. And great teachers open minds.

For us, whenever we get a low grade fever, the first question we ask is: "is my appetite less?" We are constantly in touch with people who are in various levels of tuberculosis. It is not a question of whether - but more a question of when one of us will get it.

Not that it would be the end of the world of course. We believe in treatment - and will be taking the same course as we prescribe to our friends with HIV.


A final thought. Such a small illness for me ... and yet so many of our friends with HIV face this on and on. Each time a fever comes, the question arises - what is it? Each time the question of whether to carry on or to rest. How much can you rest when you have to feed a family? How many times can you go to a doctor?

The wonderful care I get from my own family doctor - my dear beloved Sheba - the caring apprentice nurses and compounders in Asha and Enoch - the prayers that surround me - are such a blessing.

Would that others would also receive this in their times of illness.

In the Bible Jesus says - I was sick and you visited me... would that we would.

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  1. March already. . .my oh my. Indeed, it is nice to follow your journey and hear the musings and insights into your life.

    Sorry to hear of your continuing fever. Our family has been passing around coughs for several weeks now.