Sunday, 23 November 2008

Getting the word out

We spoke at the "Its a Gr8 Life" seminar series this evening.

I had been up 1/2 the night coughing (ditto for night before). We got there at just before 7 to find a sea of empty white plastic chairs - and our faithful friends Zen, Veronica and Sashi.

The LCD broke down. The replacement LCD didn't work either. A few people trickled in and we had an intimate talk around a laptop.

Life is good.

Strangely - and blessedly - I didn't get upset at the technical knots or the under-average turn-out.

This is part of sharing about HIV. It seems that we always are up against a rock. Of indifference. Of fear. Whatever it is, it is an invisible mountain. I am sure that if the talk had been on the reality of UFOs and Martians that we would have seen double to crowd.

But as I said, we were bathed with grace tonight - and I was really happy to be able to share with those who did come - about 30 all told - about the challenges and joys of working with people with HIV and why the church must be the main way that we reach out and bless (and be blessed by) people who are living with HIV.

Each person there in that basement of the Marthoma Church in Mulund was so precious. Each person has the potential to make huge changes. HUGE ONES!

What a wonderful set of opportunities God has given us each day to make a difference.

As Sheba shared about different people with HIV in whom we have seen such dramatic changes - it struck me what a privilege we have to be living in this era - and how utterly amazing that we are entrusted with looking after so many who are in such need.

As we have mentioned before - we certainly do not feel in any way capable of doing the things that we find ourselves doing - and that only strengthens our conviction that God can use anyone - anyone - who is willing to be used.

What about you?


  1. Encouraging to remember the power of the individual -- rather than being consumed by man's metrics and turnout.

    Great title photo!

  2. Thanks to the BBC day in photos - for most of these images. Makes me itch for a good SLR and some film - maybe a Kodachrome 100...