Monday, 10 November 2008

Back to school

Term 2 started today. Not for Sheba and myself but for our 2 little ones.

After the curiously long Diwali holidays (3 weeks - pure Bombay - nowhere else) Asha and Enoch were back in school today.

And what an epic day it was. At least the start.

Saturday saw Enoch have a colossal fall from a jungle gym in the park. He got a deep gash under his chin. Sheba contemplated taking him for stitches, but the wound did not bleed much and so cleaned it up and we did dressings.

The first day bordered on the heroic. Enoch in bed with his faithful nurse Asha hovering about. His jaw really hurt, but it gradually got better.

The head bandage then was replaced by a band-aid which gets changed and dressed regularly. We were comfortable with him starting school today.

But then there was the matter of his diarrhoea. We won't go into details, but the long and short of it was that he complained of stomache ache and vomitting sensation this morning. Should we send him or not? Every parent's dilemma.

We sent him. We prayed and told him to call us if he felt sick.

He was fine.

I remember my phantom sicknesses before school started. The new male generation seems to have the same experiences I had in the mid 70s!

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