Friday, 11 March 2011

Missing boy update: Akash found!

Bernie David writes about Akash - the boy who went missing from their home last week:

We are so happy and relieved beyond belief to know where Akash is. It is not the best news but at least we have found him.

The details are still coming in but the police brought him in either yesterday or this morning to the Dongri remand home (juvenile home) and it is a notorious place and not for the right reasons. The 'treatment' of a new inmate is pretty grim, poor food, little supervision and a lot of bad activity. Boys are raped and beaten by the older boys.

We tried to get him out today but they would not entertain us. Tomorrow the parents are going to plea their case and we pray and hope he is released. If he is not released to the parents, then he has to stay there until next week until we would have a court hearing. You can imagine, we want him out of there asap.

PLEASE pray for total favor on the parents ! They have a much better chance of getting him out then an 'organization' does. One of our other little girls before she came to us was in a remand home and the street mom would not settle for anything other than her immediate release and they did release her. So, we know they 'can' do it.

Please pray the heart and minds of the staff at Dongri would release him tomorrow. We will be sending his school records so they know he lives in a home and leads a pretty normal life, etc. Also, please pray for his protection at the remand home, that angels would be encamped around him and his bunk or where ever he is sleeping. Please pray that not ONE hands falls upon him and that through all of this, he will cry out to the Jesus he knows. That the Lord will put a song on his heart that will comfort him and bring him hope and peace.

Our little prodigal is almost back....


Bernie David

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