Thursday, 26 August 2010


Later today I am going to the Union Biblical Seminary in Pune.

I say later because it is 1 AM and I have been wrestling with a powerpoint presentation for the last 1.5 hours. It kept 'shutting down' when I try to edit it. Thank you Mr. Bill Gates and your multi-gazillion dollar company - which is still using the basic code from MS DOS. Bless your soul. I miss my Macbook (it conked out when the book deluge hit it a few weeks ago).

In 4 hours I shall open my eyes again - then off to the Thane railway station at 6 AM to get the 7 AM Intercity to Pune - arriving in the grand old city of Pune a shade after 10 AM.

UBS is a lovely place - full of friends - so it will be hard to cram all the meetings-up with faculty and students in the 2 hours and lunch before the main show of the day (for me at least).

After lunch withI shall be giving a "Current Concerns" talk on AIDS in India to the student body from 2.30-4.30 PM. Paokholun Haokip - one of our current UBS interns will also be with me and will share about how the UBS students are serving at JSK.

Then a quick jaunt back to the train station to catch the Intercity (5.55 PM) back to Thane. Should arrive at 8.20 PM - and hope to be home a shade after 9.

A long day ahead of me! Good night & good morning (prayers gratefully accepted for this tired head!)


  1. Looking forward to details of day at UBS

  2. Thanks Cjo! Any links with UBS? Will try to get the story up by this evening...

  3. Dear Cjo - please give us a call at 9321112065 if you are still in the Mumbai area