Thursday, 5 August 2010


A lot of things got fixed around us at Jeevan Sahara Kendra today.

Some did not.

Some are in the process of mending.

First the things that were fixed.
  1. Both the office and the clinic phones. Monsoons are superb and causing 'line problems'. Its nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk.
  2. One of our office laptops that has been in hibernation for over a year.
  3. The electricity at the Clinic. An internal fault meant that for most of the morning patients were seen without the power being on. Mercifully it is the monsoon so we did not get the sweat-bath it would have been in summer. After some work it was then fixed by a local electrician. As a subset of this, the inverter was also fixed.

Things that were not fixed
  1. The Eicher laptop. Mac is sick. Does not recognise its hard drive. Tears.
  2. The roads. With every rain a new pothole emerges. The road near our house is excellent - for simulating lunar travel whenever we get around to sending people to the moon. The potholes are 'being fixed' by putting large stones ('paver blocks') into them. This only allows for bigger ones to develop.
Things in the process of being fixed
  1. Not a thing - a precious person. 'Winney' - a widow with two children has come for treatment. She has been having continuous diarhea for the past two years. In the last 2 days she went 24 times. Sheba admitted her this afternoon. We want to see what the cause is - and try to develop a treatment regime for her. In the evening she was already feeling so much better. Beyond drugs - there is such a healing power in love. Winney knows that it is not just the treatment we give at JSK, but also us loving her and talking to Jesus about her and asking His help.
  2. Our own weaknesses. We are helping others - both at work as well as through the phone with friends who are going through tough times. But we also see our own limits so quickly. A quick retort. A harsh word. As we minister to others in their brokeness - our own limitation show up so quickly. Looking back on the day there are at least 3 times I wish I had not said what I did - or wish I had expressed it in a different tone and manner. They were not fixed immediately, but looking back I can pray about it - and go to sleep with peace in my heart.
He gives His beloved sleep

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