Friday, 6 August 2010


This just in...

Sheba tells me that one of our partner churches in Airoli is now looking after 15 different people who have HIV.

They have 3 ladies who take time to visit these positive friends - and other church members help in other ways - through donating food and finances, through praying and encouraging.

At least 2 of the ladies who visit the homes are semi-literate at best. But do they ever have heart. And what's more - they know suffering very well from their own lives. One of these dear ladies has a widowed sister and neice who are HIV positive, as well as having lost her nephew and 2 sons-in-law to HIV. What's more - her daughter eloped and now is married to a man - and both have HIV now.

In the midst of their own challenges - this church - and these dear ladies are reaching out.

We are so blessed to be serving alongside saints like these.

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