Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Sheba admitted a very sick man this evening.

He had come earlier during the day. We will call him Nirmal. His wife and a neighbour brought him. No papers. Critically ill. Probably a cerebral TB infection. Lots of candidiasis - so likely with a very low immunity.

We felt inadequate to deal with such a sick person - and so referred on to the main goverment hospital. We told the family to tell us what happened.

After 3 hours they called. Nirmal was still in the emergency department. Other people who had come in later were being cared for. He was not.

HIV continues to mean neglect.

What to do? We told them that we would try. No guarantee, but we will try.

They brought him back.

And so Nirmal has been started on treatment this evening. In our little centre. A very very sick man. Our nurses are on 12 hour shifts. Our prayers are going up too.


  1. It's really sad to be witness to this neglect (almost like condemnation)..
    Atleast there are a few people (like you and Sheba) who care. But it must be trying for you. I'm glad for you that you have your faith!

    PS : you write well, and the blog is always very touching to read.

  2. Thanks Shasha,

    The neglect is just that - a condemnation - and because of the shame associated with HIV the people receiving it do not raise their voice.

    It is hard to keep going - we are currently passing through a particularly lean period - but we have to move forward in loving obedience to what our Lord has told us to do... At the end of the day - we are blessed by Him - and given just enough strength and hope to keep going.

    Thanks for reading!