Wednesday, 28 April 2010


The last Wednesday of the month. A time for people with HIV to meet together. To talk and be encouraged. To pray and see how to move forward.

Kids come too. A few have HIV. Most have come with their parents. We usually have a small separate programme for them.

Asha and Enoch are usually at school in the afternoons and so don't normally take part in our last-Wednesday meetings. But today they were there.

Seema asked the children what they wanted. What they needed.

Asha couldn't really think about what she needed. She has everything. Finally she said 'a bicycle'.

The other kids said different things.

Two children from different families said that they wanted 'a room'.

Asha thought they wanted a room of their own.

They did not.

To these kids - 'room' means a 'home.'

Their parents are being asked to vacate the little 10 x 8 room they share as their family dwelling. Since they do not own (most people do not) - they are at the mercy of the 'room owner.' And the next step is uncertain. Hence prayers are being asked for.

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