Wednesday, 7 April 2010


So where are you from?

Its a question that as an Eicher we have to deal with often. Somehow the conversation veered that way at the dinner table tonight.

We asked Asha and Enoch to tell us what they say when people ask them where they are from.

Here is Asha:

"When someone asks me: 'what is your mother tongue?'

I reply: 'pink!'

They then laugh! I then ask them if they have a few minutes and I will tell them where I am from.

If they say yes, then I tell them that I was born in Jharkhand, that my Mother was born in Orissa, that her Father was born in Tamil Nadu and that my Mother's Mother was born in Andhra Pradesh. I then tell them that my Father was born in Mumbai, and that his father was also born in Mumbai (Editor: not strictly true) but that my Father's Mother was born in Germany!

Thats it!"

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