Thursday, 9 April 2009

Last day of (pre)school

Enoch is already an educational veteran.

Having just turned 6 years old - he already has 4 years of school behind him!

He started out at Vasant Vihar Playmate Preschool in the Nursery section the year we moved to our Happy Valley flat - 2005. He was 2 years and 5 months old then. He then went on to junior Kindergarten next year. Near the end of that year we decided that he really wasn't ready for the next step - and encouraged by the wise words of Susan from our church - we talked to the school and asked them to let Enoch 'repeat' his Junior KG.

The school management was surprised (normally people ask the other way - can my son / daughter be moved up a year) but agreed. And so Enoch had a 'Second Jr. KG'.

This year he was in Senior Kindergarten - and has been enjoying it for the most part. The school is run by a Jain Trust (complete with a statue of Saraswati - the goddess of learning) in the main entrance foyer) and is quite forward thinking at the pre-school level. No tests. No telling in advance what the students are going to learn in order for their parents to mug up on it.

We have prayed every day with Enoch before he goes to school. He now has come to the last day of pre-school. This June he starts Standard 1. Hooray for education! Another 12 years of study stretch out ahead of this little man!

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  1. Hello Eichers,

    Lovely posts and great work by you guys.

    This comment is rather out of place, but you know how parents are... I am looking to get my daughter addmited to Vasant Vihar Pre-School. She is all of 2 now (by the time the school starts in June/July) she will be almost 2.5.

    I want to check if I should wait for a year and get her into school next year, some guys have their kids in pre-Kg school at 2.5 yrs