Tuesday, 7 April 2009


OK, many years after rock-climbing yours trully couldn't resist a bit of bouldering.

The face is approached!

And up we go - this is fun - and easy it seems!

Nice warm, solid, blasted rock from an old quarry face.

Aha! Near the top the problem starts.

How to get up the last bit.

Just before the top I come to a slight overhang. Legs start to wobble. Am I losing my grip?

Meanwhile below me the young ones are trying out their own moves.

To cap it all - our mobile starts ringing in my pocket - I am starting to get nervous and my leg is starting to shake. The shoes are also quite loose and slippering - definitely not suited for rock-climbing. Really wish I had a rope from above at this point.

But, ah! A solid hand hold. An old root which had worked its way into the rock. I tested it and found it to be absolutely solid.

With this beauty of a hold I was able to take control of things. Mobile. Switch it off - and put it up on the top. Now to take off that shoe - up it goes too. One foot barefoot, one foot shoed - I now look for another handhold.

Found one. A mantle shelf manuever and up I go.

It all looked very easy afterward. But there were moments of panic (and prayer by Sheba who took these shots).

The next day we have the turn of the younger generation.

Not the same face, but still wonderful to climb up with them a bit.

Onward, higher!


  1. Love it.....I have done some climbing in my past as well, Andi. I learned at Devil's Lake in Wisconsin.


  2. There is this tremendous thrill of having 'done it' when you finish - and on the way up the gut wrenching questions of 'can I'? and 'will I survive in one piece'? Wish we could do more (and with some rope work too of course...)