Monday, 31 March 2008

Preparing for the end

We did a small exercise last Saturday at our training for church members in HIV care. We asked each one to imagine that an earth-quake had just taken place - and they were trapped in a small room with no exits - and they could feel the air getting less. A piece of paper and pen are at hand - what to write to our loved ones? What message do we want others to find when they pull our bodies out of the rubble?

Unless we are ready to face death - we cannot help others do the same. It is an impossibility at one level. But one thing we know - our Lord Jesus faced death and went through its bitter door - only to come back with compassion, strength and joy to help us as we take that path.

One of the participants had to leave the room during this exercise. He was thinking about his wife who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Who will look after her? He could not bear thinking about it and went out to cry. A little further in the feedback and discussion, however, God spoke to him. We had been talking about how Asha and Enoch were not with us that day. They were in the care of others - and really were in the care of God. If Sheba and I were to die now - then God would continue caring for them just as He is doing so now. Our brother was tremendously blessed to be reminded that his dear wife - who is such a great blessing to so many - will continue to be cared for - even if he as her loving husband is taken away to be with Jesus.

Are you ready? Am I? I do not want to keep any thing undone which would be an embarassment and bring sadness to my family and my Lord if it was found out. The Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things. Let my heart be continually purified.

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