Thursday, 27 March 2008

The new Counselling, Testing and Care Centre at JSK

The carpenters are at work. The walls are being scrubbed down and coated with paint. The electrician showed up today too. We are in the process of developing a testing and counselling centre at Jeevan Sahara.

Now that things are underway the actual immensity of it all is daunting. Besides the physical renovations - which take up a goodly chunk of our time at present - we also need to keep developing our capacity to run the place - an Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre - which we plan as a portion of the continuum of care with the government HIV work.
Please pray for supernatural wisdom - and doggedness to get things done. Pray too that we will continue to be able to develop the staff capacity to not only run the ICTC - but to take the whole JSK programme forward.

We do not just want to have a nice place for the work to take place. We want to see our work develop so that people can be blessed. Our infrastructure - modest as it is - is there so that people in deep trouble can get peace.
We are hoping to have an inauguration prayer time at 7 PM on the 4th of April (only 8 days away!).
It hardly seems possible that the place will be ship-shape by then - looking at the chaos it looks like now.

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