Monday, 31 March 2008


Its not every day that Enoch does up Asha's shoes as she goes to school. But then again, it is not an unusual thing for him (or her) to do. The kids are very loving and affectionate almost to a fault.

Asha is at the end of her first year of school and is taking her final exams.' So far she has been flying through these.

Enoch has come home with sheets which inform us that these concepts were successfully taught to him at school. When we ask him to read the words he was supposedly taught, we get guesses. Sheba - in her love and patience - has started sitting with Enoch to help him do what the teacher is supposedly doing in school.

One think both Enoch and Asha do - however - is they love to be read to. We are currently going through "The Light Princess" by the Victorian author (and great influence on CS Lewis) George MacDonald. A wonderfully redemptive tale - and told with such wit and sleight of hand - I wish I could marshal words - and esp. thoughts in the same way.

It looks like we have many years of sitting with the kids and their books ahead of us!

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