Sunday, 28 October 2007

A Marriage

In 2 hours, our friends Joseph and Caroline are going to get married.

A new life together. A big step of faith. Two lives twined into one. A miracle.

As we get ready to go over to Mulund to be part of the public promise before God and all of us, we cannot help but think back to the time just under 8 years ago when Sheba and myself took the joyful plunge together.

Its been a lot of hard work. Many deep dissappointments. A lot of hurt and issues that we still are working on - and others that are saved for tomorrow.

At the same time - we are changed people. The polishing continues to take place. Iron sharpens iron (and sparks fly). Two are better than one. God is using each other to form and fashion ourselves to be what He wants us to be.

And we have had such joys. Every day we wake up to see our two sleeping angels. We look back to the unthinkable journey that we have been wandering along together. This road that we are on - like to one to Emmaus - and on which our Lord joins as a friend to our path.

Here is a poem that our dear friend Greg Jackson gave us at our wedding:
Gift Beyond Measure
to Andi and Sheba - December 1999

We are oft measured by the gifts we give -
their width, depth, and height packaged
into some known form for others to set
with the giver on the scales of the world.

But this day, there will be no such trifling measure.
The gifts and the givers are each the same and together
are joined into one gift - a miracle that only
the greatest of givers can reckon.

It is he who taught you of giving
and its fulfilment when you yourself are given -
with all your scars and tears along the edges,
that he is ever reshaping to a glorious image.

And remember that he alone weighs your gifts
this day - and he will shape them uniquely,
beautifully with his life, which he has given
to you, for you, each other - an immeasurable gift.

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