Friday, 19 October 2007

In Patient

It has been a long time since we have had an in-patient admission at the Jeevan Sahara Kendra.

That changed today.

Mr. Babulnath has been admitted. He has been suffering from fevers and loss of appetite for a number of months. He is on ART, but does not have the strength to work. His wife has come from the village to look after him. She is negative and has been working hard to look after him and their younger son who is with them.

Last year Mr. Babulnath had started on TB medications - but was depressed and kept vomitting and so stopped taking them and went back to his village. He took the TB meds irregularly there and then came back after some months feeling somewhat better.

His aging father has just come back from the village to help out in looking after Babulnath. The day after arriving from the village the old man already went to find work. He will be working as a night watchman.

So we have Mr. Babulnath back at the centre. Our hope is that he will start TB medications and will be able to tolerate them. We will also have to change his ART medication to one that does not interfere with the TB meds. Its one of the few things that we think we can do medically for Mr. Babulnath now.

This disease is a horrible disease. It just eats people away. What this family have already gone through - and what steps will they take from here on?

The kind, sad and tired face of Mrs. Babulnath this evening when we had ward prayers. The sweet song that our staff shared with Mr. Babulnath. The simple words of encouragement and prayer. How will it end up for Mr. Babulnath?

Your prayers are vital. For Mr. Babulnath - and also for our future in-patient work as we are severely short on space - especially as we want to start voluntary counselling and testing too at Jeeevan Sahara Kendra. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we seek out local alternatives - and that they will materialise soon!

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