Sunday, 30 August 2015

Home blessings

Today was one of those blessed Saturdays when we were (largely) at home.

We said 'no' to two big invites to meetings.  We slept in to a blessed 7.45 or so (Yohan needs to have the first meds of his day at 8 AM) and various family members had breakfasts at different times in the morning.

Sheba did a number of study sessions with Asha and Enoch as the term examinations loom up next week - and Yohan had his class from 10 am to 12 today.

My major work of the day was to finally get the income tax returns ready - and handed over to our chartered accountant in town - while a stop into Bethany Accounts had me fill up what we are expecting to pay for next year already...  Yesterday's newspaper headlined a stupendous race at the Bird's Nest Stadium as 'Death, Taxes... and Bolt!'

The day had lots of other things stuck in as well.  Times with God and His word.  Cups of tea.  An unexpected visit by Hepsi and Prisci - Sheba's 'family' from her med school days in Cuttack.  A family prayer time around the world map well past Yohan's bed time.

Sheba did two longish visits to Jeevan Sahara on her 'off day' - as there are four very sick folks being cared for there as in-patients - and another at Bethany Hospital.

But perhaps the high-light of the day has been the action in the kitchen.

Lunch was a simple but scrumptous soup and cheese toast affair.

And then the cooking really started.

Sheba got going with wadas which were wolfed down for a tea time snack.  But the real purpose of the largish batch she made was to make her famous 'dahi wadas.'

Sheba and the older kids had made a shopping run during Yohan's afternoon nap - and so there were two different kinds of chicken prepared for dinner - and then Oma finished off her apple pies after dinner.

We go to sleep with full bellies and a great big helping of gratitude.

My mind's eye goes back to a short conversation with a young man and a boy who were selling roses to motorists. I was on my way back from the accountant.  The man told me he was from Kholapur.  Where will this man sleep tonight.  The boy told me that he was from the same village.

One day will come when everything is set right.

It is off to sleep now... we will be waking up on the Lord's day in a few hours!

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