Monday, 17 August 2015

Eyes wide shut

Never happy when someone dies.

Never.  Death is just not a sweet smelling rose.

Today a man died at JSK.

We had been caring for him for a few days last week.

He was stable. He had been cared for at a famous HIV care centre in central Maharasthra too.  For months.  In and out.

But since he was from Thane, his relatives brought him to us.

He was sick.  But things seemed under control.

Then his relatives insisted they wanted to take him home.  Our medical staff said that it would not be a good idea. The relatives insisted. The man insisted.  He left against medical advice.

Last night (Sunday night).  Late. They said he was sick and wanted to come back.

They brought him this morning.

Sheba told me that he was dying.

More and more relatives came.  He died early afternoon.

I saw men carrying his shroud-draped body down the hall, past my office door.

Yesterday I had shared with a small group about a man who had conquered death, and whose empty burial clothes people found in the tomb.  Whose head-cloth was folded neatly on the side.  And who greeted the woman from whom 7 evil spirits had been driven by name.

But today this man's life came to an end.  Full stop.  No more breath.

Many tears for his mother and others.

I remember his eyes the last time we met.

They have no light in them now.

Eyes wide shut

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